Down to Earth Photography Studio Rental






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1. Payment

All studio charges are required on the day of rental, before full usage of the studio begins, by cash or cheque (payable to Down to Earth Photography). There is a two (2) hour minimum of studio reservations. RENTER agrees that the reserved time begins and ends at the times requested, including setup and tear down. Additional time may be added at the regular hourly rate, only if the studio is available.

2. Damage of Equipment/Studio

All property, including studio equipment and facilities provided by Down to Earth Photography have been provided in working order and renters agree that any loss, damage or destruction to property, caused by the renter, renter's assistant(s), model(s), and/or subject(s), delay, extra expenses or costs of any kind whatsoever are the sole responsibility of the renter.

In the event you or your party cause any damage to the studio, it's contents or equipment, you agree to immediately bring any and all damage to my (DtEP) attention and you agree that you are responsible to reimburse Down to Earth Photography in full for any damage, loss, required repair or replacement as necessary. Reasonable wear and tear is expected to happen and Down to Earth Photography understands that and renter will not be charged for it, but you must report any and all damages regardless of the severity. You agree that Down to Earth Photography has the final word on assessing any and all damage done to contents, equipment, and the studio. The RENTER agrees to leave the studio in the condition it was found, or a $50 cleaning fee will be charged.


3. Waiver of Liability

The use of Down to Earth Photography studio and equipment is AT YOUR OWN RISK. You hereby waive your right to seek legal redress for mishaps, accidents, and loss while on the premise.

The RENTER agrees not to hold Down to Earth Photography liable for any injuries or accidents that occur within or outside the studio premises. The renter agrees to inform all models and/or assistants plus employees that Down to Earth Photography studio will not be held liable for any injuries or accidents that occur within or outside the studio premises.

The RENTER agrees not to hold Down to Earth Photography for any losses, expenses, costs, suits or legal fees arising out of renters use or occupancy of the studio premises. You assume all risks in using the studio and equipments and agree to the extent permitted by law, to indemnify and save harmless Down to Earth Photography.

The RENTER agrees that Down to Earth Photography does not provide insurance coverage for the property of the renter or liability coverage for the benefit of the renter.  Renter must obtain insurance coverage for their benefit for all property in the renter's care, custody or control.

The RENTER agrees to notify Down to Earth Photography of any use of exotic animals, hazardous substances, and/or any other potentially dangerous materials prior to the shoot and of any requirements associated with such use.

283 Duke St. west is a commercial building with many tenants and businesses. Rental is for use of Down to Earth Photography Studio in unit 341 only and you are expected to confine your rental session to unit 341 during your rental time. Common areas are not included in the rental and should only be used accordingly and as necessary. These uses may only include entrances and hallways for entering and leaving the building. Your shoot cannot disrupt other tenants within 283 Duke St. West.

Parking is the responsibility of the renter, and you park at your own risk. Down to Earth Photography will not be held responsible for any loss, destruction of property, delay, extra expenses or costs of any kind whatsoever including damage or incurring costs to parked vehicles, including vehicle damage, damage as a result of a vehicular/traffic accident, vandalism, theft, towing, weather, loss of property or any other kind of loss financial or otherwise whatsoever.

I have read all the above three (3) sections and I fully understand them. I realize that this agreement need only be signed once and applies to future use of the rental of this studio.

The following signatures constitute a legal binding Agreement between the Renter and Down to Earth Photography regarding all terms and conditions of this Agreement.

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