My name is Linette and I reside in Kitchener Ontario where I am an avid part-time photographer. Needless to say, photography has always been my passion for many years, even when there were only film cameras. I have had the opportunity to travel to numerous countries around the world, which has aesthetically opened my mind in growing my photography capabilities and experimenting. In my work I strive to capture natural candid images, which encompass a sense of emotion, style, and an essence of the unspoken.

I mostly specialize in music, model and boudoir photography, leading me to volunteer for Velvet Rope magazine, which has provided a means to broaden my experience within the music industry, and given me an opportunity to enjoy and continue such avenues in the foreseeable future.

My photography has always reflected my personality since, I am a down to earth person I love to interact with people and share with others my sense of humor and enjoyment in life through my work. Thus, inspiring the name: Down to Earth Photography. I believe photography should be about capturing great moments, emotions, and our life’s feelings forever. With just the right touch a photo can and does do just that and more.

So, now it’s time to share what I see through my lens with all of you.
Sit back and I hope you enjoy the show.

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